Is Reading Better Than Watching?

Is Reading Better Than Watching?

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Today, many people, including children, prefer to watch rather than read. The reason they chose to watch was because they didn’t bother to think of every word that was printed.

And if you think about it, it is better to watch than to read, which makes us not have to imagine every incident experienced by the characters and no difficulty in understanding every word.

However, it must be reduced because watching can reduce our memory and make our brain lack imagination. According to research in Japan, reading can improve brain connectivity related to language and word processing. Not only that, there is also a long-term effect of reading a book that is to keep our minds sharpened and can delay senility in people who are elderly.

When reading, we will be challenged to focus our attention entirely on what we read. Many benefits when we read rather than watch are:

Reading can reduce stress because while reading we allow ourselves to enter into the pleasure of reading books.

  1. Reading makes your brain work better
  2. By reading we can feel every incident experienced by the characters
  3. Add to our vocabulary
  4. By reading we can make our brain imagine higher than the existing book.

Weakness of reading a book:

  1. Many people will get eye damage if they are reading frequently
  2. People will feel angry when disturbed when reading
  3. If you always read it can take up a lot of useless time

Reading is a window to the world. The term is very much called a person. Never said that watching was a window to the world. Reading also visual activity.

So in my opinion, reading is better than watching. Therefore we encourage all people who are here to multiply reading rather than watching. And make it a habit to read lots of books to increase our knowledge of things and make us know words that we never knew before.


Reading is very important especially for children and adolescents. by reading we can broaden our horizons and make us imagine the events that were written in the book. if we watch, all the events are listed and we live to see it, and it’s not fun.

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